• Tue Dec 11 Payouts Available In:
  • Thu Dec 13 2,500
  • Fri Dec 14 2,250
  • Sat Dec 15 2,000
  • Sun Dec 16 1,750
  • Mon Dec 17 1,500
  • Tue Dec 18 1,250
  • Wed Dec 19 1,000

How to Make a Prediction


1. Select the date you would like to make a prediction for, from the bar at the top. The next available date is selected by default.

TIP: The value shown on the date is the current cost to make a prediction on that date.

2. Click the location on the map where you want to predict the low temperature.

TIP: The larger the bubble, the more people making predictions there.

3. Choose what you think the low temperature will be and submit your prediction. If you're a bit high you'll still earn a partial payout, but if you're too low you'll lose it all!

TIP: The bar graph shows where other people are predicting, and the current forecasts.

AccuWeather Forecast Maps

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